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Sheila Corcoran, Creative Director

After winning a Ronald McDonald character watch in a McDonald’s art contest, and with a keen ability to sing any given television jingle, Sheila knew meshing art and advertising would be her calling. After attending the New England School of Art and Design, she was able to land her dream job as a designer at the Children’s Museum of Boston.

Since then, she has over 20 years of experience working in the luxury travel, higher education and retail sectors, providing creative and strategic solutions to build brand experiences. Always up for a design challenge, she still continues to submit work in crowdsourced competitions; her work can be found on

What’s your favorite thing about UNC-Chapel Hill? The history of the past and the energy of students moving things forward.

Phone: 919-445-0391

Kelly Dubell, EOC Communications Specialist

A transplant from Virginia, Kelly came to Chapel Hill in fall 2018 wanting to put her writing skills and background in higher education to good use. She has since found a home at Carolina’s Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office. Kelly graduated with a communications degree from Roanoke College and jumped right into a career in broadcast news. From there, she turned her attention to higher education and hasn’t looked back.

She now gets her news fix from reading The Skimm and listening to The Daily podcast every morning. When not at work, you can find Kelly on a run with one of her two dogs, Frank and Maggie, or exploring the nearest coffee shop.

What’s your favorite thing about UNC-Chapel Hill? The campus! I walk wherever I can and always find something new.

Phone 919-962-7189